Here at adaptdesign, we work with you. Our goal is to listen to your dreams and guide you through the process of making them into a building that meets or exceeds your expectations. Your participation is key to a successful design and we encourage you to be active in a dialogue of telling us your needs, ideas and dreams. The “we” of a collaboration only works if we all work together and maintain open communication.

Architectural design is a journey where the building is the destination for us and a new beginning for you. The first step begins with trust, with that we can successfully work together and make new discoveries through open communication.  We strive to keep your trust throughout the process and we ask you to do the same. 

Communication is the key - open and clear communication about your ideas, dreams and budget allow for a transparency that we will return to you through step by step involvement in the design process. We encourage you to ask questions, be involved and discuss options! The only dumb idea is one not said; sometimes what seems an awkward thought inspires greatness. 

We wouldn't' expect you to begin the project having an exact budget number in mind; but having a range or an idea of budget allows us to work with you to blend your desires with your means.  Early during the design process we will involve a professional (or your builder) to assure us all that we are meeting both. Bigger isn't necesariliy better and in the building industry every square foot has an associated cost; that is why we will design flexible spaces that accomodate your needs while meeting your budget.

The design and construction process can feel confusing, but remember we will be there to guide you. Our process has been refined over many years of experience; and is still evolving to the needs of clients and changes in the profession. We strive to make your design experience fun, memorable and rewarding.