As designers we are concerned about our impact to our collective future. When thinking about how best to do this we sought to define some concepts that help us work towards touching the earth lightly. The goals are simple, often invisible, and employ technologies that enhance the enjoyment of architecture in its specific locale. The ideas are basic, fundamentals and allow creative solutions for all projects.

Creative practicality- we continually assess the size, scale and program of each project. Beauty and comfort come from a dialogue with form to create architecture that is sized correctly to the site, budget and sustainable energy efficiency.

Durability- we design our buildings to be enjoyed by future generations. We design for the long-term so that our designs adapt to the changes of climate as easily as they are flexible for living changes. We are excited by materials that can be “Up Cycled" in a Cradle to Cradle fashion.

Regionalism- we incorporate our designs to work with a geographic climate and location, use local resources, materials and employ local builders.

Timelessness we employ in our designs both new and traditional forms and innovations to achieve architecture that inspires sustained living and not a short term trend of style.